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Alexander Bailey
Alexander Bailey

University Of Keele Air Photo Library

This project was made possible through the cooperation of archivists, librarians and staff at the Scott Library's Bibliographic Services, the Map Library and the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections who arranged and described and digitized each photographic slide, assisted by Wise's original annotations. The project also benefited from a Young Canada Works Grant in 2012, administered by the Canadian Council of Archives which allowed the university to hire a contract digitization assistant, Craig Butosi to identify and plot individual images. The project continued through 2012 2013, and 2015 with several undergraduate student assistants from the Map Library who continued the meticulous work of identifying precise locations for historical photographs and attributing latitude and longitudinal information to the digital object. Project team managers estimate that this project has taken over 2,500 hours to digitize, describe, geo-locate and generate useful metadata for about 5,800 images over five years.

university of keele air photo library


The large area to the west of the Ross Building was confirmed as a centre point of the campus by promotional photos of the university in the 1970s, photos that are now replaced by various perspectives of Vari Hall.


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