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Mystery!: Cadfael(1994)

Cadfael is a British mystery television series, broadcast on ITV between 1994 and 1998, based on The Cadfael Chronicles novels written by Ellis Peters. Produced by Central, it starred Derek Jacobi as the medieval detective and title character, Brother Cadfael. The complete series was released on DVD on 24 August 2009.[1] The series aired in the United States as part of the Mystery! series.

Mystery!: Cadfael(1994)

The book is a perfect mix of historical fiction and murder mystery. Even if the characters in the epic face a looming threat of murder, they remain endearingly quirky. While the story offers a beautiful evocation of Medieval set up, the young characters are even more lovely than previous novels.

In the Dead Man's Ransom book mystery series, Ellis Peters delves the story into a context of conflicts, where the Abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul discovers itself. These include the border wars between the Welsh and the English; and the civil war between the next in line leaders.

The book is more of suspense rather than mystery. Besides, this one is a variation of Ellis Peters of her usual plots in her books. However, there are still military men, occasional vivid scenes, and young lovers.

In this unique mystery series based on the bestselling books by Ellis Peters, renowned British actor Sir Derek Jacobi stars as Brother Cadfael, a compassionate seeker of truth and justice in chaotic medieval England. 041b061a72

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