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Clothes For Cruises Where To Buy

Cruise tip: The dress code on most cruise lines will be casual and smart casual for 5 days out of a 7 day cruise. There will usually be 2 formal nights or dress up evenings. Longer cruises will have an additional formal night.

clothes for cruises where to buy


I know some cruise lines are somewhat formal, and you may want to pack a couple more cruise outfits that are chic and dressier. But for the most part, I cruise in my casual cruise clothes. I also mostly cruise Norwegian Cruise Line because of their freestyle concept.

With that being said, here are some ideas for cruise clothes for women. We are listing items more geared toward warm weather and Caribbean cruise vacations. Of course, we will discuss pieces you can layer for those cooler nights.

Amazon is a great resource for finding affordable designer clothes, but pricing can vary depending on size and color of items; this can be good or bad, depending on whether the size or style you need has been marked down. So, to make things easier, we did the research and rounded up some of the best budget-friendly, packable, cruise-appropriate designer clothing and accessories on Amazon for both men and women. No need to spend hours sifting through online retailers or racks at your local discount clothing store. Just click, pack and prepare to look chic on your next sailing.

This flowy, packable skirt from bohemian designer Free People is comfortable yet elegant. With an asymmetrical hem and a spirited pattern-blocked design, it has a decidedly island vibe. It's the kind of piece that would look fitting at a sunset tiki party on the beach. Wear it anywhere: to dinner, on port excursions, on the plane. At less than the cost of a couple mixed drinks, this versatile rayon skirt is a prudent purchase for sure.

These utilitarian bags are perfect for the ones who like to be extra prepared. These durable, waterproof bags keep all your valuables and clothes dry, and will even float to the surface if you happen to fall into the water while kayaking or jet-skiing.

My hubby and I actually went shopping together which we hardly ever do. We went to JC Pennys. I got a formal for under $50 and I got a black cocktail dress and a white skirt outfit. We bought my husband 3 pairs of nice dress pants and we bought a tux. He enjoyed helping me pick out my dress. He will look so nice in his tux. I have a black and white dress that is semi formal that I will where when he wears his tux. He has a suit that he will wear on the other formal night and I will wear my new dress.

I stopped buying "cruise clothes" a couple of years ago. Especially after going through my closet and finding things I'd purchased for cruises and never worn again. Now, when I pack for a cruise, I just go through my own closet and choose what to take.

I do buy formal clothes specifically for a cruise, yet I'm a bargain shopper for those clothes. The last few outfits/dresses I've bought, I've not spent more than $25 for, including tax. Everything has been marked down, plus extra for minor repairs that are needed. I would never buy anything that I could not easily repair at home, though.

I usually just go thru my closet to find clothes to take with me. I do have to admit tho...when I shop I am always looking for that PERFECT formal outfit. Lord & Taylor has closed here (Macy's take over :mad: ) and I found a great formal skirt and top to wear for under...get this....$25.00!

We have a mini outdoor mall in Sea Girt, NJ that has Chico's, Ann Taylor, Talbots, Banana Republic, Gap, Victoria's Secret, Coach, Aerosoles...when your'e done, you can go to Williams-Sonoma where they sell a wonderful peach marquerita mix!!!

Hancocks. (regional fabric store chain) After closely looking at the clothes in Macy's, Dillards, Sears, Penneys and magazines, I then look at my existing patterns, mix and match the pieces and come up with a design of my own.

The overwhelming majority of ships for seven-night round-trip cruises to Alaska depart from either Seattle or Vancouver, Canada. A one-week Alaska cruise spends two days northbound and the same back plus three or four Alaska cruise ports, all in the Inside Passage.

On formal nights in the main dining room or an upscale specialty restaurant, men can pair dark pants with a sport coat, shirt and and maybe a tie. A guy could even get away with wearing a nice pull-over sweater and maybe a collar peeking out over the neckline. Alaska cruises really are relaxed when it comes to dress-up nights.

Hi Nan,Thank you for taking the time to read my long Alaska packing article. After a half-dozen Alaska cruises and living in Sitka for 18 months, I feel very confident about my packing suggestions. If space is an issue for your suitcases, just be sure to have enough thinner items to layer. May can be pretty chilly, especially up in Skagway. Then again, if you are lucky enough for a blue sky sunny day, even in the 40s the sun feels really hot.

To help you decide what to pack for a cruise, U.S. News has compiled a cruise packing list with essentials that will simplify and organize your packing process or be useful to have on the ship or in port. Download the cruise packing list pictured above to reference while you pack and read on to learn more about the recommended items and where you can purchase them if needed.

A surprising fact: Cruise ship cabin walls are made of metal, which means you can optimize your storage space by hanging some of your belongings on magnetic wall hooks. The hooks are perfect for holding bulky coats or boots if you're traveling to a colder climate. You can also use them for wet gear on expedition ships and adventure cruises, or for drying out bathing suits after days at the beach or pool. Purchase a set of magnetic hooks for less than $10 on Amazon.

Since many dress clothing fabrics tend to wrinkle easily, consider investing in a garment bag such as this well-priced option by WallyBags, which allows you to hang clothes, secure them in place and transfer them directly into the cabin closet on the ship. Many garment bags also have pockets and storage for additional accessories.

Some cruise lines host themed voyages or parties on select nights where passengers can dress up to participate in the fun. You'll want to review your cruise itinerary before you go so you're prepared for the festivities. Bring your buccaneer gear if you're sailing aboard Disney Cruise Line; ships host fun events like Pirate Nights, pirate-themed dinners and a "Pirates in the Caribbean" show. On "The Love Boat"-themed cruises offered by Princess Cruises, pack your platform boots, glittery dresses, bell-bottom pants and halter tops for the line's 1970s-inspired disco party on the deck.

Offered by most major luggage brands, packing cubes are one of the best ways to organize your clothing on the go, especially if you'll be on an extended cruise or traveling through a variety of climates. You can keep your shirts, pants and sweaters separate so it's easy to find what you need. The cubes are also great for keeping accessories like travel wraps and scarves in one place, so you don't have to search through drawers when you're in a hurry to get ready. After wearing them, stow away dirty clothes in one or two cubes to separate them from your clean items.

If you like to shop on vacation, bring an extra bag with you to avoid overpacking your primary luggage. The Hanke expandable foldable suitcase is an excellent option if you need a bag that can expand to several different sizes. If a soft-sided bag will do, consider bringing an inexpensive duffel bag such as this option by bago, or a reusable shopping bag with a zipper, for dirty clothes and anything else you don't mind checking in with the airline on your way home.

When cruising internationally, consider getting small amounts of each country's currency to have on hand in port. Depending where you go, some local markets may only accept their own country's currency, not U.S. dollars or credit cards. Travelers who want to pick up authentic souvenirs, such as French-milled soaps in southern France or novelty fish in Bergen, Norway, will need to have euros or Norwegian kroner on hand, respectively. It's also nice to leave cash gratuities for cab drivers, tour guides or servers; in the European Union, 1- and 2-euro coins are convenient and appropriate tips. In ports with vendors that do accept credit cards, be sure to carry a Visa or Mastercard, as some shops and restaurants do not take American Express.

Smart luggage is supposed to be an enhancement to traditional bags you pack, where it not only optimizes the space better, it can charge your mobile devices, and maybe even last forever. In a world of traditional luggage that rips too easily and looks boring, why wouldn't I go for one of these bags?