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Everstart Battery Serial Number Lookup

Everstart Battery Serial Number Lookup

Everstart is the brand name that the Wal Mart Corporation uses on the sealed lead acid (SLA) 12 volt batteries that it sells for automobile, marine and other motorized vehicles. Everstart batteries are manufactured by three major battery companies in the United States: Johnson Controls, Exide Technologies and East Penn Manufacturing. Each of these companies may label their batteries for different brands, so it is important to know how to read the code on Everstart batteries to determine their age and quality.

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How to Read the Code on Everstart Batteries

The code on Everstart batteries is stamped on the battery case or on the label that is on the battery. The code consists of one letter and one or two numbers. The letter indicates the month of manufacture, and the number (s) indicates the year of manufacture. The letter A is for January, B is for February, and so on until L for December. The number 0 means the battery was manufactured in 2000, 1 means 2001, and 9 means 2009. For example, a code of C3 means the battery was manufactured in March 2003.

Why is it Important to Know the Age of Everstart Batteries?

The age of Everstart batteries is important because batteries tend to lose their capacity and performance over time. A fresh battery will have more power and last longer than an old battery. A battery that has been sitting on the store shelf for many months may have lost some of its charge and may not be able to start your vehicle or run your accessories properly. Therefore, it is wise to check the date code on Everstart batteries before purchasing them and to choose the freshest ones available.

How to Find Everstart Replacement Batteries

If you need to replace your Everstart battery, you can find compatible replacement batteries quickly and easily at Battery Lookup. You can use their battery finder to search and cross reference by part number or chemistry. You can also verify you are using the correct battery for your machine by using their power sport application search tool. They make it easy to find and confirm you have selected the best compatible Everstart replacement batteries.

Tips and Warnings

  • Try to find car batteries that have a two year warranty so you dont have to buy a whole new battery if you have automotive troubles or corrosion. A replacement warranty will give you a free replacement in the situation of a dead battery or old battery with no core charge. Just check your battery warranty with the serial number. This can be found on a sticker on the top of the battery. You can do battery testing to make sure it is good and works well with the charging system.

  • If you are having car troubles and think it is your battery, make sure it is not any other auto parts like your alternator. If not, then check your battery cables and battery posts. Then the issue is battery charge.

  • Do not attempt to open or tamper with Everstart batteries as they contain hazardous materials that can cause injury or damage. Dispose of used Everstart batteries properly according to local regulations.


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