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Marshall Gu: For headphones only; the intimacy and strangeness get lost in the air. The songs that make up A Year Closer are not so much \u2018songs\u2019 as they are peeking through windows into a suburban home. The residents aren\u2019t there, so they go about their business, sometimes muttering to themselves and singing in a way that makes it feel like these songs aren\u2019t for you to hear, they\u2019re for them. Little snatches of tune you hum to yourself in the shower, or while making bread. Opener \u201CThe Mask Isn\u2019t Working\u201D is the creak of hardwood floors and inaudible words until near the end where a man says the title\u2019s words aloud, and so the title A Year Closer expands into its full unstated version: A Year Closer to Death. And everything afterwards carries an ominous weight. \u201CEvery step I take draws me closer to the ground,\u201D a woman says clearly on \u201CWork Last Monday\u201D while her husband enjoys his old American folk records, \u201CSomething is going to break soon.\u201D But I like this album more in theory than I do execution, as if someone took The Hissing of Summer Lawns very literally.[6]

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