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Bitcoin Alien Run: A New Level Every Day, A New Chance to Win Bitcoin

In this mode, you can play through up to 8 levels and claim a bigger bitcoin prize for each level you successfully complete! The levels get harder and harder, so if you want some guaranteed bitcoin, you can stop at any time and claim a small reward for the number of levels you complete. The more levels you finish in the Daily Mission, the more bitcoin you earn!

Regarding the bitcoin payouts, I am disappointed that they have not made use of liquid or lightning as it would be a far better option for these microtransactions, and the developers are really missing out by not leveraging second-layer solutions.

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The creator of the game Bitcoin Aliens has been in operation since 2014 and has integrated bitcoin into a full roster of games. Their commitment to bitcoin gaming has seen their games give away over 1090 BTC and grow every day. Join their growing community of over 2.5 million players and start earning Bitcoin from your phone! and the download link of this app are 100% safe. All download links of apps listed on are from Google Play Store or submitted by users. For the app from Google Play Store, won't modify it in any way. For the app submitted by users, will verify its APK signature safety before release it on our website.

If you love gaming and bitcoin, then we have some great news for you! There are several games that you can play on your smartphone that will reward you in bitcoin (BTC). In this guide, you will find a detailed review of the top seven best bitcoin games that you can play in 2021.

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Spark Profit is an interactive fun bitcoin market prediction app. This financial trading simulation allows you to make predictions on real money markets such as FX and cryptocurrency markets.

Spells of Genesis allows you to actually own your in-game items and cards on the blockchain itself. Consequently, you can also earn bitcoin directly within the game. You can also collect blockchain cards, which are essentially digital assets that can be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain as well as exchanged or traded outside the game.

Satoshi Quiz is a free web-based bitcoin game that allows you to win bitcoin by answering questions from different categories. For every question answered correctly, you stand to win a prize pot of 1,000 satoshis.

To win bitcoin you must be signed in and be among the first three users to answer the question correctly. The prizes are awarded according to a tiered system and vary from one question to the next. In addition, you can choose between daily, weekly and monthly awards.

RollerCoin is a bitcoin mining simulator where you compete against your friends to earn BTC. This bitcoin game follows the concept of bitcoin mining but instead of completing sophisticated computations the site allows you to complete tasks, undertake missions, test your skills and play games to earn some bitcoin.

RollerCoin offers a block reward every five minutes which is shared by all the participants depending on their mining power. The site was launched in 2018 and has so far paid out 1.65 BTC. You can follow the community discussions on

Bitcoin Flip is a bitcoin exchange simulator game that allows you to learn the basics of crypto trading and enjoy yourself at the same time. The free bitcoin simulator allows you to trade a variety of digital assets virtually including BCH, ETH, XML and many more.

Sweatcoin is a bitcoin miner and a fitness app offered and developed by Sweatcoin Ltd. It allows you to earn coins everytime you do exercise. Then, the app tracks your activities and converts them to coins.

The process of Bitcoin mining might sound futuristic and needs big mega-computers. Almost anyone can get involved in bitcoin mining. Coin Desk, a site dedicated to Bitcoin mining provides more information about this. They state that one only needs a "node" and a strong supply of electricity. A node is a computer with a powerful GPU like the 8GB version of the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 or the MSI AMD Radeon RX 500. A "miner" can start his "digging" by downloading the free Bitcoin software. Then start helping relay transaction information with other nodes in the Bitcoin network.

To start, miners need to group transactions into "blocks" and put them to a "blockchain". Miners need to beat other miners in guessing the answers to complicated math puzzles. These puzzles usually have an answer that ranges between 0 and 4,294,967,296. Once a miner's node answers the puzzle, the block is then placed on the blockchain. The miner then gets rewarded with newly created or mined Bitcoins. The losing miners get notified that the block is already in the chain, and they start to answer the next puzzle. Bitcoin started with powerful PC hardware rigs. Now, it is possible to manage everything on smartphones. There is no shortage of free bitcoin mining apps for the iOS or Android bitcoin miner apps.

This tutorial guide helps you download and install Alien Run in PC and you can install Alien Run 1.0.2 in your Windows PC and Mac OS. Alien Run is developed by Bitcoin Aliens and listed under Adventure.

No, it's not that hard! Blockchain gaming is super easy when explored through 'right' games & 'right' methods. Here's a list of 5 amazing Bitcoin games to play on Mobile that not only gives you dazzling NFTs & bitcoins but also enhances your Crypto knowledge.

Yes, you can earn bitcoins & various other digital assets in the form of NFTs by playing games. Some popular bitcoins games for android are CryptoPop, Merge Cat, CropByte, etc. Either player rank higher on leaderboards winning bitcoins or win NFTs via these games for trading them further directly at the bitcoin marketplaces.

Hope you liked the above-mentioned top 5 Bitcoin games to play on mobile. There's more to bitcoins. As their market is evolving many new models are being created. Just like GameFi games which have boomed the market of cryptocurrency games in a very short bracket of games. To know more about blockchain games, esports, gaming gadgets & latest gaming news stay tuned with us. Try free Jagran Play games to chill in your time. Ping us on our socials about what more you'd like to know. Till then Keep playing & exploring!

Cryptocurrencies have grown a lot in recent years, becoming a completely unique asset class. Between the original bitcoin, and the various other tokens and coins that have emerged, there are loads of different options for investing or spending in crypto. One area that has really popped in 2021 and 2022 though is are games. The best Crypto mobile games now tie games into various cryptocurrencies.

Alien Run deserves a spot on the best crypto games list for having a pretty different style of gameplay. In this game, you run through levels of platforming, like a traditional 2D side scroller. Every five levels you complete can earn you a fraction of bitcoin! There are loads of levels here too, so you can earn quite a bit as you progress.

Bitcoin Pop is a very similar game to Crypto Pop, but it is worth mentioning separately as it does have a different crypto on offer. This one will allow you to redeem Bitcoin rather than other cryptos. However, given the high value of Bitcoin it would take an excessively long time to get any amount enough worth transferring to your wallet. Most bitcoin games here will only pay out small amounts of Satoshis, but they do add up if you have an awful lot of patience.

What are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum all about? They are cryptocurrencies, which are digital currencies that utilize encryption to secure client ownership, regulate the development of new currency units, and simplify the exchange of existing units from one party or group to the other. They are entirely decentralized and peer-to-peer: Whenever anyone makes a bitcoin transaction, the transaction is broadcasted to a network of customers, guaranteeing that the units are not twice spent.

The program can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and once downloaded, it will produce cash while running on your phone. Bitcoin miners use one of two types of mining pools: PPLNS (pay-per-last-n-shares) or SMPPS (shared maximum pay per share). You can join either type and swap between them at any moment. Your amount is determined by how frequently your gadget is constantly mining bitcoins.

The Asus ROG Phone 5 is possibly the most competent smartphone to mine bitcoin; the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset operates the gadget. The smartphone's 5nm-based processor has incredible processing power and can conduct well in the computing process required to mine the cryptocurrency.

Sweatcoin seems to be a bitcoin miner and a fitness app that Sweatcoin Ltd offers and develops. It helps to collect money for every fitness session you complete. The program then tracks your actions and turns them into coins.

To conclude, this is all you need to know before you start mining bitcoin with the use of your android phone. If you like knowing more about bitcoin and reading articles like this, do sign up and subscribe to our newsletter.

With the exception of the browser extension, all of the apps we found pay such small amounts, often amounting to fractions of a cent or minuscule amounts of Bitcoin (typically Satoshi), that the time you spend on these apps can almost always be better spent doing something else that would allow you to buy even more bitcoin.

At first, there were some applications that you could download to your iOS or Android smartphone. Nowadays, there are more sophisticated solutions such as satoshi platforms that allow users to receive Satoshis using the Lightning Network (LN).

Alien Run is one of the oldest and most popular games to earn free Bitcoin. This game has been online for several years and it can be downloaded to your smartphone in just seconds. If you want to know what is a Satoshi, then this could be a great option.

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