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Star Wars Republic Commando Free Download

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Star Wars Republic Commando Free Download

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Delta Squad agrees to press on to their objectives without the assistance of Advisor. Boss's way into the ship has been destroyed earlier, so he manually opens the torpedo bay hatch. After manually opening the torpedo bay hatch, he enters the ship, where he encounters mynocks. As he walks through the torpedo bay's corridors, Delta 62 reports strange static on his visor, then being attacked by a droid. After that, he doesn't respond to any of the other squad members. As Boss continues, he meets one confused clone trooper, hiding in the torpedo bay, which is killed by a scavenger droid. Continuing through the ship's maintenance hatches, Boss experiences an attack by one of the scavenger droids himself. He realizes what happened to Scorch and warns the other squad members to stay out of static and be aware of these droids. When he reaches a hallway leading to his objective, he finds it blocked by debris. Sev informs him the only way around is through the droid maintenance hatch, passing nearby the starboard data core. While Boss overrides the entrance, he's attacked by three more scavenger droids. As he exits the maintenance hatch by Sev's position in the core, he watches his squad-mate being attacked and knocked unconscious by a Trandoshan slaver, while he's getting ambushed by the Trandoshans as well. Then he enters another maintenance hatch and moves through the hallways to do Sev's work first, encountering Trandoshans equipped with Accelerated Charged Particle Array Guns, but mistakes them for projectile weapons, along with Trandoshan proximity mines, which he could only disable by crouching to avoid setting them off so he could get close enough to disarm them. He enters the core, but is unable to locate Sev. He slices the console while being under enemy fire. After downloading the data, he enters a hallway connecting the two data cores and heads to the aft data core, his previous task.

Now in two, Deltas 38 and 40 go to find their incapacitated squad-mates and complete their objectives. As they navigate the hallways, they find Sev being held by a group of Trandoshan slavers and brutally interrogated, while two others play around with a R2 series astromech droid by roaring at it to make it scurry back and forth between them before one slaver finally smacks the droid and wrecks it with his Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun. Then they enter the room, killing all enemies and revive Sev with the field bacta dispenser. After Delta 07 acknowledges the squad about Scorch probably being held in the detention area, they head there to rescue him. When they get there, they get ambushed and after killing all the enemies in their area, they locate Delta 62 in one of the detention cells, Cell Number 2187. After reviving him, the enemy battle droids blow up a barricade on the other side of the detention block, clearing the way which Delta Squad uses to advance to the ship's bridge. Navigating the hallways, the Deltas encounter more reprogrammed turrets, slicing the door controls to enter quietly without setting the turrets off had they attempted a door breach. As they reach the bridge, they find it well defended by super battle droids and Trandoshans. After eliminating the droid presence, they locate and destroy a jamming device, blocking their communications with command and re-establishing the link with Advisor. When the Deltas send him the data, Advisor is surprised by the amount of data retrieved by the commandos, as they contain many Trandoshan and Separatist sensitive information, like tactics and so, so many that it could take months of analyzing to process them all. After receiving the data, Advisor finds out the Trandoshans stole the ship to sell it to the Confederacy of Independent Systems and get some of their battle droids in return. Since the jamming device is offline, Advisor is able to provide a full scan of the ship that indicates a Trandoshan dropship located in hangar A. Delta Squad is now tasked to destroy that ship to wipe out Trandoshan presence in the ship. On a booby trapped elevator on their way to the hangars, Delta Squad gets stuck in the detention area and ambushed by Trandoshans. Their only hope surviving in the detention block full of Trandoshan slavers and mercenaries is now the automated lockdown system, but it has been damaged by Trandoshans. To make it functioning, Deltas navigate the detention block and fix four damaged circuits, encountering a Trandoshan Rocket Turret. While they fight the Trandoshans, Fixer picks up multiple clone trooper signatures coming from below their position. Advisor tells them not to be distracted and investigates it himself. Shortly after the lockdown kicked in, a poison gas started to flow in the hallways, dealing with all remaining Trandoshans in this level instantly as they suffocate to death from the poison while Delta Squad are safe in their secured Katarn-class commando armor. Then Delta Squad moves through a maintenance hatch to a room full of dead clone trooper bodies that have apparently been carried here by scavenger droids. As they leave the room, they get past Trandoshan mines and reprogrammed autoturrets (whether by destroying them or by reprogramming them back on the player's side). Then they proceed to the hangar and the Trandoshan dropship.

RC-1138, who goes by the name "Boss", is the player character throughout Republic Commando. A clone commando, he was trained by the Mandalorian Walon Vau and placed in charge of Delta Squad. First seeing action on Geonosis at the start of the Clone Wars, he participated in several covert missions for the Republic, including the investigation (and defense) of a seemingly abandoned assault ship, the Prosecutor, and the liberation of the Wookiee leader Tarfful. Through these missions, he strives against the armies of the CIS, not just droids but also Geonosian soldiers and Trandoshan mercenaries. He also receives side-missions en route to his main objectives, including the destruction of weapon emplacements, enemy ships and bunkers. His commando armor has distinctive orange markings on the helmet and across the chest and right shoulder.

RC-1140 is a clone commando who prefers to do things by the book, even calling his squad members by their numerical designation. Given the nickname "Fixer", he often takes it on himself to chastise clone brothers Scorch and Sev when they start to banter. Proficient in computer slicing, he is often quiet, usually speaking only when he is asked for his opinion. His armor has green stripes and markings, making it very distinctive.

Squad tactics don't end there though. As you progress through the myriad of alien corridors, vents and hangars of the game, you start to come across points that the Gaming-God-on-High has decreed are excellent for sniping, grenading or heavy weapon action. It's your duty to then assign a man at these sign-posted points and he'll merrily provide cover for you and your other men to scurry around hacking into terminals and putting holes in droids in a more freeform style.

Star Wars Republic Commando Free Download PC Game in Direct Link and Torrent. Released on March 1, 2005, Star Wars Republic Commando is an action FPS game. Star Wars Republic Commando download free full version for pc with direct links.

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Excellent.Bef ore they took down the game's official website, Lucasarts used to have the entire soundtrack available there for free to download. Luckily I kept my downloads and always had them backed up.Kudos to the uploader

I think starwars leans towards awesme music. This game combined squad tatics like rainbow 6 with heavy elements of halo, though it worked out amazing in the end. I went 80% of the game stabing things to death just to it visor wipe away. Also the squad diloge was halarious. If you sent the demo guy to hack he would start saying the konomi code.

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