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Electromagnetic Theory (IEEE Press Series On El...

Second, we provide a perspective on the interpretability of the perturbative solutions. The physical meaning of the perturbative solutions for the scattering from and through the 3D layered structure has been investigated in [17, 18], where a physically revealing interpretation involving ray-series representation is obtained by rigorously establishing a functional decomposition of the first-order scattering solutions in terms of basic single-scattering local processes. Accordingly, the fundamental interactions in the multilayer contemplated by the mathematical solutions can be revealed, thus gaining a neat picture of the physical meaning of the theoretical construct. Furthermore, the VPRT procedure can also be reformulated in a more physically sound way by avoiding use of Dirac delta function and distribution theory. Such VPRT reformulation also enables an interesting interpretation in terms of internal field approximation, which is consistent with the gently rough assumption, thus providing an additional insight into the first-order approximation (which is slightly different from the usual Born approximation) [1, 12]. Another interesting interpretation of the scattering solution can be given in terms of multireaction, by exploiting the fundamental concept of Rumsey reaction [7, 10].

Electromagnetic Theory (IEEE Press Series on El...

Firstly the form solutions of the far-field, due to a vertical magnetic dipole in a sea (three-layered conducting media) with variable interface are expanded as an infinite series. Then with the aid of the complex image theory [7], closed-form expression of the lateral waves near the sea surface due to the dipole are obtained. Besides, the physical meaning of the results is presented.

Abstract: Open split ring resonators (OSRRs) are used in this letterto design wide-band semi-lumped bandpass filters. OSRRs work as lumped LC series elements due totheir small electrical size and can be then used as building blocks of reduced size band passfilters. The values of the capacitance, C, and inductance, L, of the OSRR are controlled byadjusting the geometrical parameters of the coupled open rings. In our design, the OSRRs areconnected through quarter-wave lines which act as inverters. The impedance of these inverters havebeen conveniently calculated to achieve the filter specifications. Finally bending and/or meanderingtechniques have been applied so as to obtain highly compact designs. Experimental verification isprovided and good agreement has been found between electromagnetic simulations and measurements. 041b061a72

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