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Dragon Ball Super Episode 69

The new episode is reportedly going to introduce a new story arc and a new set of overpowered enemies. Previous reports said that the main antagonist in the coming episodes is the supervillain Hit. While he is not likely to appear in episode 68, some speculate that the events in episode 68 and 69 will lead to the battle between Goku and the supervillain.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69


After battling Arale in episode 69, rumors claim that Goku will engage in another battle in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 70. This time, though, he will be facing Champa in a baseball-like tournament that will feature a battle of lights. Reportedly, Goku will win this battle with the help of his team.

According to the latest spoiler reports for the next episode, episode 69, Goku will reportedly be encountering a classic character from the original "Dragon Ball" manga and anime series in the form of the superhuman android Arale Norimaki. While Arale was a recurring minor character in the original "Dragon Ball" series, this will reportedly be her first time in "Dragon Ball Super." Although other reports have revealed that she actually appeared in a scene on episode 43, her appearance on episode 69 will have her in a more substantial role and part of the key characters in the new episode arc.

Dragon Ball Super Manga CHAPTER 69 - The Succession of Planet Cereal... - With the #DragonBallSuper anime waiting to make its mind up, we have the manga to look into and we are reviewing it! The start of a brand new #DragonBall arc! The history of the Namekians is revealed as well as Beerus' true reason for training Vegeta...what can this mean for the Saiyan as well as Granolah's wish to be the strongest warrior in the universe?! #DragonBallZRead more Dragon Ball Super via Viz's portal: -ball-super 041b061a72

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