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Sort by: Category Alphabetic Newest Template File Description More Info Archive Parse 7-Zip archive files. More Info... Parse ar archives used for .a, .lib, .ar and .deb files. More Info... Template for Microsoft cabinet format files. More Info... Microsoft Compound File Binary File Format. More Info... Quick template for parsing GZip data/files. More Info... Template for LZ4 Framing Format. More Info... Parse ME01 archive files. More Info... For Windows 10 Microsoft PinYin User Defined Phrase Data Files More Info... Parse nus3 music archives. More Info... Analyzing Silicon Studio's Orochi / Mizuchi Engine data archiving format More Info... Parsing chrome pak files. More Info... Parse RAR archives including 2.x, 3.x, 5.x and SFX RAR files. More Info... Explore a SeqBox file container/archive. More Info... Parse shpc animation archives. More Info... Parses the SquashFS compressed read-only file system for Linux. Supports 3.x and 4.x files. More Info... Parse ZIP archive files. More Info... Defines a template for parsing ZIP files. Handles more complex ZIP data such as ZIP64 that the base cannot read. More Info... Audio Parse AAC's ADTS(Audio Data Transport Stream) audio files. More Info... Westwood Studios .aud sound format More Info... Simple CDA file template to read Audio CD header information. More Info... General MIDI sound file template. Complete with delta-time and BPM evaluation into local variables. More Info... Parse an MP3 music file. More Info... Parses the ogg container format. More Info... Defines a template for SF2 (SoundFont 2.04) files. More Info... Parse SKP_SILK file More Info... Used for inspecting and editing Surge Synth wavetable files. More Info... Parse WAV audio files. More Info... Defines an advanced template for parsing WAV audio files. Includes SMPL chunk parsing (Parsing wav files that contains Sustain Loops. Useful for Game Developers). More Info... CAD Parse an 3D Studio MAX scene files More Info... Parsing Blender file More Info... Reading binary .fbx (FilmBox) files structure. More Info... Parse glb Khronos 3D Files More Info... Analysis of point-clouds in LAS-Format More Info... Reads all known chunks in Modo *.lxo, *.lxp. *.lxe and *.lxl 3D files as documented at _Formats. More Info... Analyse OrCad 3.20a library files. More Info... Analyse drawings and blocks from OrCad 3.20a programs. More Info... Reads Nextlimit Realflow BIN particle files as per .pdf delivered with Realflow More Info... Parse an STL binary file containing 3D geometry (CAD). More Info... Database Display DB files based on the Golang BOLTDB ( ) More Info... Parses .dbf (database) format files. More Info... Analyze captured data from a MongoDB client request. More Info... SQLite data file More Info... Document Parse DjVu document files More Info... Parse main sections of Microsoft Doc format. Assumes the file is defragmented. More Info... Parse Amazon Kindle ebook mobipocket file formats .mobi, .azw, .prc. More Info... OneNote File Format More Info... Template for Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files. More Info... Drives Detect block types of AmigaDOS disk images. More Info... Read APFS (Apple File System) structures More Info... D64 (Image of physical 1541 disk) More Info... Parse logical and physical drives including MBR, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS, NTFS and extended partitions. Can display subdirectories and data for individual files. Note that some NTFS drives may not work properly (see file comments). More Info... View the file system headers in an El Torito bootable cd image. More Info... Parses floppy images for an old (and quite obscure) es65 Computer. see my bitbucket repository: you can find extensive documentation there, including pictures and schematics. More Info... Decode GPT (GUID Partition Table) Header information More Info... Parse the file system headers for ISO disk images, and print Directory tree. More Info... Template for LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) hard disk encryption. More Info... Parse a file containing NTFS MFT FILE records. More Info... Template for exploring .psv files (archived Vita games). More Info... QEMU Copy-On-Write v2 format parser. More Info... Template for parsing and reverse engineering RomFS images used in embedded devices. More Info... Defines a template for parsing images of emulated Sinclair Microdrive cartridges. More Info... Decode Sytos Plus Tape Image and (optionally) dump recovered files. More Info... Oracle VirtualBox VDI format parser. More Info... Microsoft VHD virtual disk format parser. More Info... Microsoft VHDX virtual disk format parser. More Info... Electronics Verify returned status data from Dynamixel XL-320 (and other) servoes. More Info... Eaton APR48 power supply's EEPROM structure. More Info... Template for EDID files (Extended display identification data). More Info... Decomposes Video Symbol Stream Files for E-8VSB modulation as per ATSC Digital Television Standard (A/53). More Info... Template for EZ-Tap EZView to EZVIEW2 .dat file. More Info... Template for the GOCLEVER GPS Navigation log format GPSLogYYYY-MM-DD_xx-xx-xx.bin (Model GC-4335 and others). Generates report in the human readable form: Date, Longitude, Latitude, Geoid, Altitude, Direction. More Info... Mifare Classic 1k Structure parsing. Commonly used in smart cards. More Info... Mifare Classic 4k Structure parsing. Commonly used in smart cards. More Info... Mifare Ultralight structure parsing. Commonly used in tickets. More Info... NTAG215 Structure parsing. More Info... Template for binary journal file used in AppleOne POS. More Info... Template for PicoTech Picologger .PLW file. More Info... Motorola S-REC format template. This should work with the S-REC formats based on S1-S9. More Info... Executable Parse Common Object File Format files. Supports 32 and 64 bit. More Info... Template for parsing dol Files from the Wii and Gamecube. More Info... Decode the ELF format for both 32/64 bit in big/little endian, decode the elf, program, and section headers. Also decode the dynamic symbol table entries. Many fields implement custom viewers but do not handle writing from those views. More Info... Parse Windows executable exe, dll, and sys files. Supports 32 and 64 bit. More Info... Quick template for parsing Mach-o binaries, including Mac OS X executables, .o and .dylib files. More Info... Font Template for parsing the Embedded OpenType (EOT) font file format. More Info... Parse windows .FNT font files (which can be extracted from .FON files